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“I think there is a lesson in knowing that you can live your life in a way that you’re proud of and people are still gonna take shots. And that’s not just in the world that I live in - that’s in middle school, and that’s in high school, and that’s in college, and that’s when you get your first job.”

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So earlier today, I hit 6,000 followers! ((happy dance)) There are so many people on my dashboard with like 10k+ and just so many followers I can’t even imagine so you might be thinking “lol what is she so happy about” but to me, every 1,000 followers is a huge milestone and everytime I reach another one I get super happy! (:

I know I usually make psd packs to thank you guys but recently I’ve been having serious trouble with colouring my edits. ): So I decided to thank you guys with two actions I made a while ago (around Christmas - I was going to put it in the Christmas pack actually but then I decided not to). One is a sharpening action and another a grainy action (as you can see). They work best on HQ photos that aren’t already too sharpened…if you get what I mean. I’ve also chucked in one of my old-ish psds that I made a while ago as well. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a wonderful day!! <3

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Appreciate what you have while you have it and the beauty in what’s there right now and try to preserve it for tomorrow.

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winter whites gala

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your edits should be in museums


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